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Now you can say the most important “Yes” in your life under the rays of the sun and to the sound of the Neva waves. The upper deck of the Flying Dutchman is now available for the wedding receptions and outdoor wedding registrations in the European style.

Let the classical panoramic views of the city witness the birth of your family union.

We can welcome more than 150 guestson board, and take care of the menu of the reception, as well as plan the reception, organize a concert for the guests of the event, and display the fireworks for the joy of all present.

We know how emotional the moments associated with the preparation of such receptions may be, thus our managers will be accepting of anyideas of your imagination.

Give yourself a wonderful opportunityto conduct your wedding reception at the restaurant located 5-10 minutesaway from the main tourist attractions of St. Petersburg, which are so popular among newlyweds and their guests.


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